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          Champions Museum and Theater

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          Champions Museum and Theater

          Champions Museum and Theater

          R?DER Solution as museum and theater for Champions League Final in London

          As part of the Champions League Final in London on May 28, 2011, a one-week special exhibition was held in Hyde Park London, displaying a unique connection of exclusive memorabilia from players and teams in the Champions League from 1956 to 2011.

          It used a R?DER Solution 30x30 for the museum and exhibition area and a R?DER Solution 20x24 as a theater. The tents were completely covered in black so that two monumental cubes with side heights of 5.5m were placed in the park landscape.
          In addition, a branded Bodega 9x9 party tent served as the UEFA stand.

          All graphic and interiors were designed by the international creative agency designwerk.

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