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          Hannover Messe

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          Hannover Messe

          Event agency Peppermint Event GmbH attended one of the largest industrial trade fairs with 2 domed tents

          A Zendome 300 and a Zendome 75 were erected in the 1,300-m2 exhibition space – along with VIP and exhibitor lounges – creating the visual highlight in Hall 27. The largest dome was designed as the "Global Business & Markets" meeting place and created the perfect platform for numerous high-end events during the trade fair. For example, it hosted the Global Business Forum opening event (the most important export event at the Hannover Messe), the Lower Saxony Export Sector Day with Minister President Christian Wulff, the German-Japanese Business Forum and the Global Night event.

          Executing agency: Peppermint Event GmbH
          For further information, log onto the official Website ...

          Photos: Peppermint Event GmbH